Our Ambition


Education for a kinder1 world.

To be more precise, we believe that, as individuals and societies, we invest in education to create a kinder worlda world that is more free, peaceful, respectful, sustainable, inclusive and equitable.


We believe that Democratic Education can address many of the challenges in education today - the ones that receive much attention (such as the relevance and quality of education provided and inequitable access to it) as well as the ones that don't (such as the impact of the extremely competitive education race on children's mental health). Therefore our mission is to make available a Democratic Education to every child in Sri Lanka who desires it, by

  • Operating Kinder Republic, a network of Democratic Schools, for families who are ready for a full-time democratic education
  • Supporting Conventional Schools to offer part-time democratic education for families who are not yet ready to enrol in Kinder Republic but still wish to avail of its benefits


  1. If that sounds confusing: Kinder in our name is the German word for children, and is pronounced /ˈkɪndə/ like in kindergarten; when we say kinder world it is in the sense of more kindness.